need to stand out in what I term ‘online etiquette ‘which I think is sadly lacking in today’s workplace culture and even in job applicants. This is the reason why companies, firms, and 21st century-styled government offices have resorted to the use of Applicant Tracking System software to sieve through curriculum vitae they receive so that only those that have that magic get in.

In my not-too-modest experience as the COO of The Bar List – a recruiting firm for lawyers and now as the Practice Manager at a top-notch law firm as The Law Crest LLP – I have noticed that these errors (as I would like to term them) occur over and over again and it just irks me considering that these should not happen looking at the ilk of employers you should attract as a candidate and the kind of candidates we look out for and demand. From my experience, these avoidable slips in the CVs that contain them, hardly get the required attention from us as recruiting agencies and ultimately organisations.

  1. Sending CVs or Applications with an email address other than yours

This particular one first got my attention largely because it happens often and I scoff at some candidates’ need to correct you as to their real names when you may have over 50 CVs staring at you waiting for a verdict – either to be cut or shortlisted. In opening an email address, it is always advisable that the recruiter or advertiser knows they are dealing directly with a said applicant as against another person who more often than not is unaware of applications having gone out from their email addresses. Where it is absolutely necessary to send such using an email other than yours, please indicate in a cover note for easier handling. While we are still on the subject of email addresses, please avoid words like “love”, “baby”, “sweetie”, “sexy” – I’m sure you get my drift. My advise: Keep your email address as official or corporate as possible.

  1. Sending solicitous messages via emails, text messages, Whatsapp chats etc.

Now your CV has been received and you have been contacted and informed that you have been shortlisted, PLEASE DO NOT BOMBARD WITH MESSAGES!!!! I had an experience one time where a candidate kept sending me messages coupled with frequent phone calls asking me to “influence” her CV being recommended for a job. Instinctively, I concluded the candidate was not qualified for the role! As recruiters, ours is to recommend based on how the candidate’s profile matches the job description. The final decision of whether or not to recruit is the exclusive preserve of the client. Since it is our integrity that is at stake, we will not recommend you if you don’t qualify – even if you call us with your blood!

Download – Little Errors that Stand Between Us and Our Dream Job by Ijeoma Ucheibe